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Last weekend was a-ma-zing. I was able to go away with my mom and sister to meet up with my cousins in Indy for the Women of Faith Conference. I think I was 18 the last time I went to Women of Faith. I don't remember it being as amazing then. Maybe it's because I wasn't quite a woman yet, haha. This time, I was encouraged in so many ways! I loved the drama - a lady named Nicole Johnson did skits that seemed to really relate to my life! She did one called "hats" that shows all of the hats a woman wears - mom, chef, accountant, wife, maid, etc. I found it funny and encouraging. In another one, she talked about the struggle of feeling invisible as a stay at home mom. I think this can be a struggle for all of us though. My prayer after being encouraged by her is to be more invisible to the world, if that means doing more for him. (and yes that means laundry, dishes, paying bills and all of those "little things".) I kept checking in on my husband, whom I knew in full confidence had the home and kids under control! He did fun things with them (along with their schoolwork) like building a catapolt and a bridge out of popsicle sticks that can hold 250+ pounds. For school, he helped Lily make a scroll of her best handwriting for each letter.


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    Hey! It's me again. Who remembers that recipe blog I had called "One Handed Cook"? Well, that was back in the day when I had two babies on my hips and was laughing and crying my way through life as a mother to a toddler and two babies (14 months apart). Now, I can't say that life is the same even though it is still crazy! This blog is going to be a little of everything I love. Cooking, Homeschooling, Crafting, Hair, Jesus, Marriage, Saving Money, etc. (in no particular order) I like fine things and I like messy things. Hence the name, Finger Paint and Crostini. I am by no means an expert at any of these things but I invite you to join me in my journey as I laugh my way through life with sticky little finger painted hands and also some of the finer things of life. (like sticky little finger painted hands!)


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