Finger Paint and Crostini
So, I was in my beloved Dollar Tree the other day picking up some school supplies and I noticed a bin of plain T shirts. I grabbed one sized 3XL with no plan of what to do with it. I keep seeing really cool upcycle ideas for T shirts on the net and am ready to jump on board. So, that T shirt had been sitting on my desk for far too long. It was staring me down today during naptime so I grabbed it and started cutting, with no plan. (scary, yes.)
I first cut under the the arms, straight across the armpits. I then basted (loose stitched) across the top. (5/8 inch) Then, I pulled the basted string and gathered the skirt.

Now, don't let the top part of the shirt go to waste! Cut a good sized rectangle. Sew both short sides of the rectangle together to make a waistband. Once, you have done this, pin it to the top have of the skirt (inside out) and sew together. (bottom of the rectangle to the top of the skirt.)

Once that is finished, you can remove your basting stich and voila! Finished! I love the stretchable waistband in this skirt. It would be great for wearing to a buffet, haha! Great for a pregnant woman, or after you have the baby. Since it's made out of t shirt material, it is seriously the most comfortable skirt I have every worn! It seriously took me ten minutes and I am no expert seamstress! And the best part, $1!! I wish I would have discovered this at the beginning of the summer. Now I plan to make some for my girls! These are seriously fun to make. Make one. Now.


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