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I came across the idea of the workbox system about a year ago. I knew I wanted to do it but thought it might be a little more work. I have used it for a week now and love love love it. Like totally. Here's how it works. You buy any kind of organization system with various drawers in it. I did my research and discovered that this one which is made for scrapbooking supplies works best.
You start by placing each school subject for your child in a drawer. (I do this the night before or the morning of before we start school) One reason why I love this system is because it helps me feel organized (which I totally love!) and it also helps Lily see what she has accomplished and also what she has left to do. No more "how soon til I am done for the day?" She can simply take a look at how many drawers she has left to do. She also knows that once she has finished the third drawer, she can have a snack, and a break! It helps her work faster and focus for sure! The set I bought has six drawers and here is a little peak into what I might put into each drawer.



Part of a book she is working on for writing along with supplies for illustrations.




Math worksheets.


A word recognition game we can play together.


Math game.

Some days I fill the drawers with art supplies. Some days I fill them with supplies to bake something together. It just depends on our lesson plans for the day. I also plan on buying these for Ava and Maya. I want to fill them with educational toys and preschool-ish things they can work on while I work with Lily so they can feel like big girls and keep busy while we work. So, here is a peak into what we do everyday!


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