Finger Paint and Crostini
One of the beautiful things about the "My Father's World" curriculum is that one day a week is called "Exploration Day". You spend a good portion of the day outside, enjoying God's beautiful creation. It's relaxing and laid back and educational all in one and I love it! Yesterday, we spent a lot of time drawing nature. Lily picked one of the crab apple trees in our back yard. I like how she made the tree super mature looking and flourishing. (It's really a baby tree)
We took a nature walk and gathered flowers and pressed them into a huge book to laminate and make book marks out of. Speaking of huge books, I have decided that Jamie Oliver cookbooks are the best for this! From now on, I will forever reach for my Jamie Oliver cookbooks when pressing flowers. = )  And, yes, Jamie Oliver called me personally and paid me to advertise his cookbooks for this.
We gathered tomatoes and mint from our garden. We steeped the mint for awhile and made fresh mint tea. We added a few orange slices to the steeping process and it turned out so good! I am a huge fan of Metro Mint flavored water and it tasted a lot like it!
The girls made the easiest cookies in the world and they were so so so good. And, no, I am not showing a picture of my kitchen after they made them. I am still recovering from that one. Here are the ingredients for the cookies:   1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup brown sugar & 1 egg. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. That's it! I talked them into adding a little chocolate to them. They didn't argue.
Our theme for this exploration day was how things grow. We read 101 books about flowers and seeds and then spent the day eating cookies and watching our bellies grow. I thought it was only fitting. 

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