Finger Paint and Crostini
Today, my baby turned two. I have mixed emotions about it. While I have so much fun with her as she learns more grown up things, I am dreading the day she doesn't talk with this cute little voice. Maya started talking around 13 months and once she started, she went crazy! She started speaking in full sentences and told me things I had no idea she knew already and had no idea who taught them to her. (I guess that happens with the third child) Some of our favorites are: Bob, walking in the door from work "Hi baby" "no, I'm Maya!" and the way she walks around the house with twelve bracelets on her arm, a purse slung over her shoulder and her play cell phone held up with one shoulder. (the result of having two older sisters) I love that she grabs my cheeks and squeezes them and gives me 1 million kisses a day. She also tells me she loves me 1 million times a day. She gives the most amazing hugs. When she hugs you with those cute little toddler arms, she makes a grunt noise to make it sound like she is giving you the biggest, tightest hug she possibly can. Tonight, she ditched her binky and fell asleep singing "Happy Birthday to Maya". She has me in stitches all of the time and laughs at herself with a little wrinkle in her nose. So, those are just a few reasons why I want to freeze her at this age. I don't want her to go back to being a baby. I just want her to stay like this, how she is now, forever. But, alas I know that is not possible. Sigh.
Amanda Wuthrich
8/30/2011 06:37:27

I've tried that very thing so many times with no luck. It just goes way too fast...


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    Hey! It's me again. Who remembers that recipe blog I had called "One Handed Cook"? Well, that was back in the day when I had two babies on my hips and was laughing and crying my way through life as a mother to a toddler and two babies (14 months apart). Now, I can't say that life is the same even though it is still crazy! This blog is going to be a little of everything I love. Cooking, Homeschooling, Crafting, Hair, Jesus, Marriage, Saving Money, etc. (in no particular order) I like fine things and I like messy things. Hence the name, Finger Paint and Crostini. I am by no means an expert at any of these things but I invite you to join me in my journey as I laugh my way through life with sticky little finger painted hands and also some of the finer things of life. (like sticky little finger painted hands!)


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