Finger Paint and Crostini
Today is a hair up kind of day for sure. This literally took me five minutes to do and feels a lot more "put together" than a ponytail. It's simple and that is the best part! I apologize for the lack of quality in the picture. Most of the pics on this blog are snapped with my iphone since that is what I always have around. Well, this one was snapped by my five year old and next to a window so it's hard to tell what it is, other than a brown blob. I will try to explain what it is. So, I gathered my hair into four sections around my face. Take each section and divide into two pieces and twist them around each other until you reach where you want your bun to be. Bobby pin the twist to your head. Do this with each section. When you are done, gather your hair into a loose ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Next twist your pony tail into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Now, I am off to clean out my fridge. It's a good thing my hair is up.....know what I'm sayin?

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    Hey! It's me again. Who remembers that recipe blog I had called "One Handed Cook"? Well, that was back in the day when I had two babies on my hips and was laughing and crying my way through life as a mother to a toddler and two babies (14 months apart). Now, I can't say that life is the same even though it is still crazy! This blog is going to be a little of everything I love. Cooking, Homeschooling, Crafting, Hair, Jesus, Marriage, Saving Money, etc. (in no particular order) I like fine things and I like messy things. Hence the name, Finger Paint and Crostini. I am by no means an expert at any of these things but I invite you to join me in my journey as I laugh my way through life with sticky little finger painted hands and also some of the finer things of life. (like sticky little finger painted hands!)


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